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Get the last segment of a URL

How to get the last segment of a path or URL using JavaScript.


Here's how to get the last segment of a path or URL:

const lastSegment = path.substring(path.lastIndexOf('/') + 1)

How does this work?

The path string contains a path. Like '/Users/Steve/Desktop', for example.

First, we identify the index of the last '/' in the path, calling lastIndexOf('/') on the path string.

Next, we pass that to the substring() method we call on the same path string. This will return a new string that starts from the position of the last '/', + 1 (otherwise we’d also get the '/' back).

You can make a simple function:

const getLastSegment = (path) => {
  path.substring(path.lastIndexOf('/') + 1)
getLastSegment('/Users') // "users"
getLastSegment('/Users/Flavio') // "Flavio"
getLastSegment('/Users/Flavio/test.jpg') // "test.jpg"
getLastSegment('https://flavicopes.com/test') // "test"

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