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Turn Your Company Inside-Out for $3/mo

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I have already described the "inside out" corporation here.

It imagines a world where:

  • Corporate networks no longer exist (so VPNs and other remote access solutions are no longer needed)
  • There is no concept of "in" or "outside" the corporate network.
  • All corporate services are accessible anywhere over the Internet securely.
  • Corporate network costs are reduced appropriately.

This idea was first evangelized by Google (who know a thing or two about infrastructure and security) and they called it "BeyondCorp". This month Cloudflare introduced Cloudflare Access to do make the technology Google uses accessible to all enterprises. It’s like BeyondCorp, but you don’t have to be a Google employee to use it. The best part is that it is just $3/mo per seat.

As a CIO I love this concept of lowering enterprise costs, simplifying employee access to corporate services, and increasing security. It's a win-win-win.


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