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More Than Just a Scaffold

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Yeoman example:

  • Logical folder/file layout
  • Bower setup and defaults
  • Grunt setup and defaults - and it's a very built-out example!
  • package.json setup and defaults
  • TravisCI setup for continuous testing plus example test structure and tests
  • .htaccess file for apache
  • .jshintrc file for JSHint
  • robots.txt
  • css styles
  • index.html page based on HTML5 Boiler Plate
  • .gitignore file
  • .gitattributes file
  • .editorconfig file
  • even a favicon.ico

Does this get you up and running? Absolutely! Does it reflect current best practices? Absolutely! Is it updated regularly? Absolutely!

But what is it really? It is basically tooling.

Tooling is good - if you are developer you should be really, really into your tool stack. That of course is what drives your productivity!

Paul Irish's Tooling Presentation:


But what happens when you want to go beyond tooling? When you just want a working basic site with authentication?



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